Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Women's Choir

Rachel Landrum
Women’s R&R Chair

Spring Shall Bloom
SSA and piano
Susan LaBarr
Santa Barbara Music Publishing
Beautifully simplistic accompaniment highlights the incredibly moving message of this poem by Christina Rossetti. This piece invites students to explore the possibility of hope that can be found after suffering a profound loss. The tessitura sits comfortably and the writing is extremely accessible. Spring Shall Bloom was performed by the 2018 Mississippi All State Women’s Honor Choir and appears on the Lexy Beiber Millikin University Annotation Project.

Media Vita
SSA and optional drum
Michael McGlynn
Digital sales only; purchase directly from McGlynn
This 10th century chant was written by a monk named Notker. An optional drum part gives this piece an opportunity to become a powerful and mysterious processional. The translation is as follows:
In the midst of life we are in death
What helper do we seek except you, O Lord You who for our sins
Holy God, holy and powerful
O holy compassionate saviour
Do not give us over to the harshness of death In you, our fathers placed their hopes
They placed their hopes and you freed them.

High Flight
SSA and piano
Jake Runestad
Santa Barbara Music Publishing
The poem was written by a young pilot in 1941 and has been called the most famous aviation poem ever written. The composer is very in tune with the message of the poem – a most inspiring piece!

The Anatomy of Tone: Applying Voice Science to Choral Ensemble Pedagogy
James Jordan, Sean McCarther, and Kathy Kessler Price

This important volume brings together the latest knowledge of voice science, voice pedagogy, conducting, and accompanying into a single volume. It is a valuable resource for choral conductors, no matter the age or experience of their ensembles. The Anatomy of Tone explores essential aspects of anatomy, physiology, and acoustics, and describes their impact on choral teaching and rehearsal. In addition, this book reviews groundbreaking scientific information on spacing of singers and its effect upon intonation and vocal health.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Men's Choir

Daniel Vernon, Men's Choir

Veljo Tormis
Walton Music
The is a fun piece! The language is Estonian, but quite repetitive.  This is quite accessible for both middle and high school levels. There is also simple visual cues as well.  A great piece for any concert.

Rocky Road to Dublin
Arr. Randall Johnson
Pavane Publishing 08301874
This is a challenging and energetic piece. It is in a irish jig pulse with all individual parts imitating traditional irish instruments.  A very exciting piece that should be considered for performing!

Fireman’s Creed
Vijay Singh
Santa Barbara Publishing 10795127
This is a profound work that is an incredible payment of respect to anyone who serves public emergency sector.  There is a trumpet solo as well as a poignant bell chime that rings throughout the piece. The is definitely one to perform for any concert and will always go over well!